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singthenationelectric GnarWolf plays metalcore as if they were born with a Norma Jean record in one hand, and a book full of Slayer lyrics in the other. Rock the fuck on. Favorite track: Hector: The Foreigner.
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Wonderbox Metal Good songs, good band

Read the review - Favorite track: Anne: The Widow [feat. Ell].
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Darling, darling. They've got it in for you. Darling, darling. You've done it this time. My what big eyes you have. The better to watch you die. Beware the moon tonight. Eyes are on the prowl. Fight this villainy. I will survive this villainy. Step outside, an open grave. Close my eyes, an open grave. Blood moon. Last breath. Fight this villainy. I will survive this villainy
I am the law. I am authority. I remember my days out sea. I'm haunted by the moon as a door. At the floor of the ocean. I can still hear the voices. In his house, the dread waits sleeping. In his house, my eyes were seeking. He awakens. Rising from the depths. The eyes of madness are searching to and fro. Run and hide. Run for your life. My nightmares are coming true. Maniacal, I'm lucid. This is violent. Awaken. Paralyzed by chaos and those eyes. Raging eyes
I fell in love with the daggers in your jaws. So bite down and don't let up. Until the love pours from my skin. Hemorrhage. I feel so alive in your cold dead eyes. I'm falling head over heels for all the blood that you spill. Take my hand. I'm yours and yours alone. The blood will make us a home. My black heart beats for you. We're running hand in hand. Can I have this dance tonight? Cheers to their beating hearts. And the wine coursing through their veins. Lift your glass cause I'll drink to that. Expose the neck. The moon is so big. I feel alive
Snake eyes. Serpent tongue. Disguise. She's got a disguise that hides her appetite. She's got a smile like death. Eyes like fire. The touch of a razor's edge. I can't believe the beauty before my eyes. Her tongue is painted gold. A kiss like a bullet to your heart. Intoxicating. Invigorating. She'll have you wrapped around her little finger with the words that will linger in your head. This is wrong. My hairs are at attention. Give me your hand. I'll make you feel alive again. I want to taste your beautiful skin. Can I be your predator? You can be my pray. Baby, can I be your cannibal? I want a taste. The first bite is always the best. As I rip your flesh from your bones. And your heart from your chest. Blood drunk. Another victim of her beauty. My heart still beats for you. His heart still beats for her. What a frenzy. I'm in ecstasy. Such agony
Bury it, down deep. Bury it, underneath. Awaken the beast. Begin to shed your skin. Reveal the monster as the flesh rips. Bare your teeth and lick your lips. As the full moon reveals itself. And tonight we feast on their hearts. Hell is empty. But the devils are here. Blood shed. Blood spatter. Wake up, black out. Bare your teeth. Wake up in a strange place. Covered in blood. And I don't remember. Wake up
Look onto dusk and you'll see where they hide. Follow the dust if you're ready to die. Cursed to ride without the privilege of death. On and on, pushing forth from the depths. The moon reveals their hungry hearts and stabbing eyes. The dawn brings them rest. The dark gives them breath. Ride or get left behind. Dust to dust. We are many, but ride as one. We are the raging storm. Locust, destruction, legion


released April 8, 2017

Recorded live by: Kyle Tomchesson and Jeremy Fowler of Euphonic Productions
Mixed/Mastered by: Zachary Pierce of Pro State Studios
Album artwork by: Martin Hooper of Drifting Creatives
All songs written and performed by: GnarWolf
Guest vocals on track 4 by: Ell
Guest vocals on track 6 by: CJ Duffield of Bury The Rod
Piano on track 6 by: Ward Rogers


all rights reserved



GnarWolf Austin, Texas


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